Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tuesday 15th march, Wednesday 16th march

This bowl of hellebore flowers contains 1 each of the plants I have.  Aren’t they beautiful?  I have them on my kitchen windowsill right now and I love examining the patterns on their petals and those stamens!

garden a day 085

Yesterday I cleared a small border by the garage and one behind the garage.  That one is full of an American beauty rose, and winter flowering jasmine gone wild!  Unfortunately, lots of weeds too!  From the back of the garage a gravel path runs down the south side of the garden.  This corner used to be full of this cornus, much of it old and very overgrown.  But it did have the most gorgeous variegated leaves in summer.  Sadly it has nearly all died – from old age I suspect, and I just have this little bit left.  I do hanker after the fiery orange cornus that my Mum has in her garden.  It looks bright and flourescent even on the dullest winter’s day.  Mine is just a fairly dull red.


garden a day 090

All down the edge of this path are ferns.  I like clearing away all the dead stuff to discover the new hairy buds forming.  I can’t wait for them to unfurl!  Undoubtedly the best of these ferns.

garden a day 091

And here are the hellebores growing in the garden.  I cut them down last summer and was frightened that I had killed them!  But no, they were fine and have been luscious again this winter.

garden a day 092


Finally a couple of photos for my latest online class over at Big Picture classes.  Our assignment this week is to photograph the rhythm of a repeating motif.  Here are the bricks in my path:

garden a day 095garden a day 097


Donna said...

Your hellebore flowers are fascinating I wish I could see them in person.

Chicken Licken said...

Love the path pics! My hens ate my hellebores.....

Sarah said...

Your hellebores are lovely. Winter-flowering jasmine can be a real thug, can't it? And I particualry like your path photo with the lichen.