Monday, 14 March 2011

Interruption of Garden A Day for….. sewing!

I was invited to go to a meeting of Worthing Patchworkers on Friday night.  It was a talk by a very talented quilter Janet McCallum.  She showed us some slides and real quilts.  Her colours were just fabulous!  Anyway, she was running a workshop on Saturday very locally in Worthing, and I didn’t have anything in my diary, so off I went armed with sewing machine, threads, scissors, cutting tools and scraps of glittery fabric!


I found this cerise pink silky fabric in my scraps box, and all these little bits were cut up and ‘sprinkled’ over.  You need a fairly big pile!

craft 005


Next, cover with net and sew a grid over it to keep it all together.  Black net turned out to be the best for most people.


craft 008


The glittery panel was surrounded by black fabric, and then Janet showed us how to couch these ribbons and threads.  There’s also some fancy stitching in there!


Finally we learned how to do ‘seed’ stitching.  Random stitches in various directions in variegated cotton thread.  When I first saw it I was sure I wouldn’t be able to do it!  How would I get it to look random and the stitches be the same length?  But it hasn’t turned out too bad!  I’ve run out of thread now so my shape isn’t finished.  The white line will iron out when I’ve finished.

craft 023

A very enjoyable day!

craft 020


Donna said...

What unique technique, your quilt is looking good! Looks like it would fun to do.

Chicken Licken said...

Oooo yummy! I want to see this IRL please!

scrappysue said...

This is amazing Linda; a work of art!