Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow day


We have about 1 inch of snow!  We are so pathetic with snow and cold weather:

Schools are shut,

trains aren't running,

motorways are clogged up with jackknifed (I love that word!LOL)lorries,

gatwick airport shut

and I can't go to Chichester with Mum! 


Never mind, me and DD are hunckered down in the house with the central heating on, and I can do more of my scrapbooking and sewing0

Merlin loves the snow!  I walked him over the park and he had a lovely run around with another dog, rolled in the snow and ate quite a bit of it!  Me, I don’t mind it if I don’t have to go anywhere! 

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Chicken Licken said...

I thought we were th only people with no snow.....well we have tons now and I got a snow day today. My dogs go bonkers in the snow too! x