Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Birthday book

Another kit I found in my big tidy up in November was this Birthday book from www.cocoadaisy.com.  Luckily it had just enough pages to do 1 page for every birthday for the two kids!  I had great fun sorting out the photos!  Although I had them all in one box, it was not so easy trying to remember which year was which!  In pre-digital days we didn’t take many pictures.  But they are mostly good!  Nowadays we take loads and they are mostly rubbish!  the trouble is their birthdays are both in December when the days are short and it is dark!  I was a little tempted to look at some of the old video films to see what they did each day.

craft 356

I kept each page simple, just 1 photo and a piece of patterned paper.  I love this tape that came with the kit and used it between the photo and paper.  Then I put their ages in circles.  We are all really pleased with it!

Nicholas’s birthday is just after Christmas so we used to take him and a friend up to London to the science natural history museum.  Lucy had a magician party when she was 7.  He was great!

craft 357 

Here they are last year, 21 and 18 in the same December!


craft 359


Chicken Licken said...

Ooo you are Mrs organised! What a great idea!

scrappysue said...

This turned out great Linda! Now you have inspired me to get going on my kids books before I forget what they did!