Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow Day Number 2

We’ve had about 6 inches of snow overnight EEK!  We haven’t seen snow this deep before!  No trains, so Maurice is working from home – but has forgotten the power lead to his laptop!!  So he can’t stay on his computer all day teehee.

It looks absolutely gorgeous out there.  We couldn’t wait to take Merlin over the park.  Photos are a bit naff because it was still very grey and still snowing.  It is brightening up now.


Think I’ll do more sewing and scrapbooking today! YAY!


That’s Maurice walking down our road, can’t see where the pavement ends and the road begins!

December daily 013

Just before we get to the park.

December daily 015

Merlin loves it!

December daily 022

It makes the trees look so pretty!

December daily 023

The holly bush in the front garden has loads of berries this year.  Isn’t that meant to be the harbinger of a bad winter?

December daily 029

Our back garden.

December daily 033

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