Friday, 26 November 2010

Clearing the loft

Maurice has had 4 days off work this week, so we decided to clear the loft!  OMG!!!  What a job!

Here are some treasures we found:


A pair of dolls I had when I was little.  I am afraid they look like something out of a horror film now!  They got tossed.

loft sorting 003

These two dolls went as well.  I didn’t really play with dolls when I was young.  Goodness knows why I kept these for so long!

loft sorting 004

I decided not to throw Teddy out!  He is a pyjama case – his tummy is filled with old tights!  He is very dirty so I really ought to try and clean him.  I have vacuumed him, but he is still dusty.

loft sorting 007

Here’s my collection of button badges.  These got chucked too!

loft sorting 010

This pile of boxes (ther’s more behind the polythene!) is all my old school books, notes from old jobs, and loads of university notes!  I was inspired to sort these last year when I did the Paper Clutter course on  It’s taken me 18  months to get round to it!  Maurice got the boxes down on Monday and we piled them high in Nicholas’s room.  I am pleased to say that there are only 2 left to sort.  Most of it will be thrown out, but I have kept a selection, eg essays I wrote at university, and a small selection of old work notes.  Now I need to sort what I am going to keep and file it somewhere safe, not back in the loft!

loft sorting 013

We have managed to get rid of most of the stuff we don’t want any longer, either free to collector (toys farm and castle, a single bed, an ottoman and bedroom chair) or for money (rug, pine chest, and other pine furniture.  Plus we have dumped 4 car loads so far!  Our loft will be empty except for suitcases and Christmas decorations!! YAY!


loft sorting 014


Chicken Licken said...

OMG an empty loft! I swear it's only the junk holds our roof up! I love Teddy BTW!

scrappysue said...

Well done; great job both of you! It must feel great to have all that sorted. I love your badge collection: I remember having one of those Royal Lifeboat badges too! Glad you kept Teddy!