Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sunday 21st March

Hmmm, it’s supposed to be the first day of spring!  Well, I guess it is quite nice and sunny out there today!  None of the trees up the road are in flower yet, but I did notice the buds this morning.  I think they will be out soon.


Continuing  things I love in my house, we have plate racks in the hall and dining room.  Here’s a view of some of the plates in the hall:

everyday things 015

I love that big plate, that’s the plate we always use at Christmas for the turkey!  Next to that is a portmerion plate, then a couple of plates that MIL has given me. The blue one has fishes on it and was bought from a market in Portugal, next to that is a plate we bought back from Poland.  The last one is another one from MIL.

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Jane said...

Beautiful plates - and lovely that you can display them like that!