Monday, 21 December 2009

21st December

Christmas 105

Here’s a rather dark forboding scene!  This was where I was this morning at about 7.30am!  It is Ferring Beach, looking all snowy and dark.  There are usually loads of dog walkers along this greensward, but I was the only one today!  The car park was literally thick ice!


The ice is beginning to melt albeit slowly.  Councils locally are being heavily criticised for not grittting enough.  No pavements have been gritted at all!


Burnice said...

Ferring Beach - that brings back memories. Can't sleep so am blog hopping! Cough cough cough !!Burnice x

jo said...

Love seeing snow on the beach - very surreal.

deb said...

oh you were brave going out - it does look rather foreboding! Fab photo.