Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sunday 20th December

OMG!  There was a little bit of rain during the night and perhaps a little thaw, followed by freezing temperatures again.  Consequently our pavements and side roads are absolutely treacherous!

Christmas 085


Merlin has really enjoyed the ice and snow, trouble is he pulls like mad on the lead and nearly has us over!

Christmas 094



Poor Nicholas slipped on some ice walking home from church this morning.  Some silly b***** was trying to get rid of the ice on the pavement with warm water!!!  Nicholas got up, felt faint, so sat on a wall, then passed out and hit his face on the ground!  He is in a right mess!  They sent him to A&E, where they thought he may have broken his wrist and nose!  6 Hours later, we found out no broken bones PHEW!  (I have got a picture of him, but it’s a bit gruesome for here!)


Burnice said...

oooh poor Nicholas. Give him a hug from me! Send me the pic!!!!!
Sue the bloke - we do Personal Injury at work if you need it!!!
Burnice x

deb said...

Oh no! Poor old Nicholas - what an awful story - hope he is feeling much better today - thank goodness nothing is broken (apart from his pride!). That road looks absolutely treacherous to drive on - glad that I did not have to!

jo said...

Ouch - hope he is OK.