Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday

oooooh so near Christmas now!  Panic panic!

I’ve done most of my food shopping now, here’s my list:

Christmas 107

I went to my local Waitrose (love that shop!) about 7.30pm, and it was quiet!  The shelves were full too – I got everything I wanted!

Today I took some pictures of the cards I have received.  I love getting cards at Christmas time.  I love the pictures on the cards.  I prefer a proper picture to a ‘design’ ifykwim!  I like a Chrismtas scene, and quite like religious scenes too.  I actually love the salvation army card (top right).  I think it came in a donation envelope but I put it up cos I love it so much!LOL  I like the cute snowman card bottom left too.

Christmas 108


Burnice said...

That's not a very long list! Nice card from Salvation Army. Love Burnice x

deb said...

Well done Linda for getting all your shopping done - I have just got a few bits & bobs to do Christmas Eve. Love the photo of your Christmas cards - I was hoping to take one like this.

valerie said...

just popping by to wish you a fab christmas:)