Thursday, 30 July 2009

Wednesday and Thursday

Thursday 30th July
My tomato plants have done quite well this year. I have 2 plants with small tomatoes on (Gardener's Delight) and these BIG tomatoes (can't remember the name of the variety atm. I love the raindrops glistening on the tomato skin!

Wednesday 29th July
Advertiser day. It gets deliverd each week. The only things I read are the job adverts (sadly very few just now) and the tide times! DH reads it from cover to cover, but then he is especially interested in house prices - not sure why!


deb said...

What a good idea to take a photo of your local paper. Our local the Shrewsbury Chronicle is one of the longest established local papers - but a month ago it changed its format
- filling its pages with adverts and making it free. It has so changed that its awful now - I really wish I had taken a photo before it changed.

Karen said...

That looks a fine tomato.

Coffeedoff said...

Love your tomato plant photo!

Lesley Edmonds said...

We just need some sun down here to ripen my tomatoes. It's the first time I've attempted to grow anything edible. Yours look good though - bigger than mine hehe!
Lesley x

Minty Magic said...

I haven't read any of the blogs in ages. You have got a great selection of photos here - I love the fairground one. The beach huts look really desolate and un-loved.Brilliant!!!