Monday, 3 August 2009

catching up -again!

Sunday 2nd August

When we were stripping off the wallpaper last time we decorated, we uncovered some writing on the wall done by some children in the early 1980s. So Nicholas (aged 5 at the time) wrote our details on the wall. So we uncovered it again this time! So sweet! Back to front letters and numbers, Nicholas aged 5 Lucy aged 2! (They are 20 and 17 now!!!) I took this picture for posterity because we are going to plaster over that now.

Saturday evening - Maurice reading the Advertiser that I posted a pic of the other day!


Got caught in a traffic jam both ways driving to Chichester! I know I shouldn't be taking a pic while I am driving (!) but you can see that I am not moving - the speedometer shows 0!


Lesley Edmonds said...

I love the pic of the writing on the wall.......we've done that under many a decorating job in the past. I remember my 3 boys having a lovely afternoon drawing and writing on a big bedroom wall when they were little, filling it with their 'artwork'!
Lesley x

Karen said...

Nice collection of photos Linda. I love the one of the writing on the wall. What a shame it will be plastered over but good that you have a photo of it first.

deb said...

Another lovely collection of photos - I like the wall one - glad you managed to capture this before it disappears for ever. We have one door in our house which not ever been painted because it has the children's height chart on - ohh I feel another photo lift coming on!!!

Zoechaos said...

Good havens woman they will bring out a new law next to stop you taking pictures while sitting at the wheel of your car! & you an advanced driver!:0

Coffeedoff said...

Interesting set of photos. I liked the wall too as it brought back memmories. The traffic jam one too is good, definately a part of life nowadays.