Tuesday, 28 July 2009

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Tuesday 28th July

I took my camera with me this morning on my dog walk to the beach. I was hoping for a better sky, but it was a bit overcast when we got there. Here's my favourite beach huts again!

Monday 27th July
Here's the evidence for our wallpaper stripping this weekend! What an awful job! Hope it doesn't stay like this for too long! We are waiting on the plasterer now.

Sunday 26th July
We usually go to the American car rally on the Sunday of the seafront fair. But we decided to go and see the bus rally on the seafront today. Lots of middle aged male bus geeks/nerds!!!
Here's a few Routemasters.

Saturday 25th July

It's seafront fair weekend in Worthing! We have a fun fair on the beach and a huge market all along the prom. Maurice and I love to go down there and soak up the atmosphere, and take a few pics! (We don't go on the rides though!!!)


Coffeedoff said...

Love the funfair photo. Great job on the wallpaper stripping!

deb said...

What a lovely collection of photos. I love the twirling ride on the prom one!

Karen said...

Gorgeous selection of photos Linda. I like the movement in the photo of the fairground ride and I also like the one of the buses (Oh does that make me a bus geeks/nerd ? LOL )

valerie said...

hi linda that funfair photo is so cool

Biskit said...

Love the buses and that funfair picture is great!