Sunday, 24 February 2008

Manual oooh errr!

My first foray into manual on my camera! OMG, so much to think about!!! Not only aperture and speed, but making sure the little meter is in the middle! Then, I forgot about ISO and white balance! Hey ho!Here's some photos I have just taken:
DH cleaning his bike. f9, 1/60th, 200 ISO, white balance cloudy, manual focus!!
I have cropped this a little, too many bicycles in the background.
really pleased with this one, manual focus!!!
f4.5, 1/250th, 70mm focal length, iso 200, wb cloudy. I am really pleased that I got the focus just on the right bit of the plant!

Another one I am pleased with! manual focus again. f4.5, 1/400th.

This one highlights a pitfall of manual! I was so intent on getting the focus and everything else right, I forgot about composition! LOL I was focusing on Merlin's eye, and that of course was in the middle of the viewfinder. All I had to do was move the view down a bit!

These next few are for my A-Z album of everyday things, D is for dinner! This one has been cropped from landscape to portrait. f4.5, 1/60th, ISO 1250, wb sunny. I quite like this one, DD seems to be pretty much in focus. Maybe not as sharp as I'd like, but I guess that's the high ISO.

DH cooked dinner today while I cleaned the bathroom and tidied upstairs! What a great dinner, roast lamb and tons of veg! Our favourite!

I love the way this one highlights the steam!

MMMMM tasty!


Kerry T said...

Hi Linda
I really like your blog, I really like how you work at it and post all your photos. That dinner makes me feel really hungry, and I really love that photo of the red blossoms!
Kerry T

Lesley said...

Thats making me hungry too - and I've just eaten LOL

bonjen3 said...

You look as if you have got the hang of focusing, and that dinner looks delicious!!

Judith Hunt said...

yay! for manual mode with manual focusing. well done, i love the flowers and yumm for the dinner plate.

jason said...

great pictures linda the one of your dog i like and of course the dinner !!