Thursday, 21 February 2008

Trying harder!

Trying a bit harder this morning! Here's me reflected in my bedroom mirror, definately an everyday thing! This time I have cleaned my lens and made a note of the settings, and sketched the hsitogram.

All these pics are taken on 800 ISO, although I am not sure I like the graininess of a higher ISO!

This photo is taken on f4.5 1/40th sec

I am pleased with this picture of my washing basket!! LOL It's full of clean ironed washing waiting to be put away!! I really like the angle of the shot, much more interesting. That's DDs bedroom door in the background with her dangly curtain thingy!

f4.5 speed 1/30

These 2 pics are of my pots of make up on my dressing table. I think I will come back to these, because I love the texture of the pots, and the reflections both in the top and in the make up!

This one f4.5 speed 1/80

This one f4.5 speed 1/100

I thought I would like the first one best, because it is a more interesting angle, but actually I prefer this one, because of the wonderful reflections! I love the way the rich wood has come out in the photo.

Still not to sure what the histogram is telling me, but I will keep it on show and as I take more photos, I guess I will learn from experience!

Shutter speeds were quite low with this lot of photos, and that maybe a reason for my blurry shots before. I also think that when I shoot on f4.5 and 70mm, I sometimes get the wrong bit kn focus!! All a bit hit and miss still at the moment! LOL


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