Monday, 5 October 2015

My Garden at the end of September

We’ve had a lovely end to Summer with  a week or so of warm, sunny, dry weather.  I love the low sun at this time of year, turning everything golden.  The only problem is that it is behind a big cypress tree in our neighbour’s garden which throws our garden into shade for much of the day.


The border I planted last year has grown and filled out.  It has been quite successful this year with lots of colour.  Less colour at this time of year, but lots of different textures


I have started to replant my pots on the patio for autumn/winter and am filling the greenhouse with the summer flowering perrenials


Finally a fuschia border near the house is really filling out.  I tried to take some photos of the lovely little fairy flowers.



Helen said...

it's great to see your garden at the end of the season - love the fuschia! I have a huge shrub one that is still flowering madly too!

helena said...

all looking fabulous

Sian said...

What a lovely splash of seasonal colour at the end

alexa said...

Oh my goodness, Linda, you grow palms? It looks wonderfully tropical ... All your time and attention has really paid off.

Patio Postcards said...

Your fuschia plants are such a lovely colour. We can only grow them in pots as annuals. Do yours bring in hummingbirds? Your rose looks lovely

Angloyankophile said...

Gorgeous flowers! I'm so jealous of your garden. We just bought our house a few months ago and the garden is in terrible shape ... can't wait to get it properly done up next summer!

Melissa said...

Wow, your garden is lovely! We've have drought conditions here since the spring so most everything is going dormant already.

Thanks for popping by my blog and saying Hi!!

Gail said...

Your fuschia looks great - I've never really had any luck with it - maybe I'm just putting it in the wrong place. :) I've always liked borders but haven't tried that yet myself. Yours looks great.

Shari said...

Your garden looks fabulous Linda - all your hard work really shows. I love your fushia plants, very pretty. You have inspired me to get enthused about our garden with summer coming on here :-).