Monday, 24 November 2014

Week in My Life

I love this project that is the brainchid of Ali Edwards.  Here is link to all you need to know about her project.  I have taken part over the years and love the fact I have a week documented for July 2011, April 2012 and now October 2014.  It will be great to look back on all the minutiae of my daily life.  DSC_6169

I love that this year’s week was in the autumn.  Although that did prove difficult for photography with dark evenings and grey days! 

PB020028I decided that as I didn’t have a lot of spare time, I would do the album as I went along, rather than write notes to be transcribed later.  So I filled Project Life album pages with cards, and wrote on them each day.  I also chose which photos I would want to print for each day as I went along.  Voila!  One finished album with very little time spent!

Here’s a look at some of the pages:



Some highlights of the week:

Autumn and Christmas at the same time in my fireplace.  I have been making reindeer garlands after seeing them on Facebook:


Getting Jason, our gym instructor to take a photo of us while we are doing 1 minute of plank!  This is our Wednesday morning core exercise class.  That’s me in the front in the black.


View of my kitchen table/desk:DSC_6043

A day out in Chichester with Mum on Friday.  Goodness it was busy!  Well it was half-term week and a beautiful warm sunny daySmile. Here’s a photo of the cathedral and a view out of the car on the way home after dropping Mum home.  Love that the moon is visible!



Scrapbook crop on Saturday.  We took out usual Christmas photo.  This year we wore purple and made crowns!



A great evening out for dinner with friends on Saturday evening.


Sunday morning walk:


Nicholas buying a new sofa for his flat! 



Helen said...

what a great week, Linda!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I really enjoyed the glimpse into your week Linda. As you say, it will be fantastic to look back on, along with the others in years to come.

alexa said...

What super pages - and vey interesting to have a peep
Into your process. I love the thought if getting things done at the time they happen, rather than in retrospect. The great variety in your week really comes across in your photos - and your plank is great!