Monday, 14 July 2014

Scavenger Hunt Part 2: The Holiday

We have been on a road trip ‘up North’; to the North-East of England, a part of the country we had not been before.  We had a really lovely time, lots to do and see there, lovely weather (we were lucky!) and of course, lots of scavenger hunt finds!

Garden gnome.  Does this gargoyle outside Bletchley Park House count? It’s a ‘posh’ garden gnome! We visited Bletchley Park on our way up north.  It is where the secret code breakers worked in WW2 and where they broke the code for the German ‘Enigma’ machine.  We took a guided tour and were fascinated!  We may well go back there as there is so much to see.




I told you I would probably take a few of these!  The first two are in Whitley Bay.  The third in Durham, and the fourth and fifth on Lindesfarne in a little tea garden.



Sign in a foreign language

This was in an exhibition of Japanese film posters near Durham cathedral. 


Urban street scene

The streets in the centre of Durham are narrow and filled with cafes, restaurants and interesting shops!


Bird on a wire

A swallow perched on a wire spotted at Beamish Museum.  We do have a better one, but it is on Maurice’s camera.  I noticed loads of birds on wires as we rode around the countryside.  I got Maurice to stop and take a picture when I noticed a whole host of birds on wires!


Rural Landscape

This is Teesdale, near the small town of Barnard Castle.  The countryside is very pretty around there, very green!  Lots of sheep and cattle, but hardly any grains or cereals grown as there is down here.


Bus with a picture on it’s side

Here’s a Durham bus with the Angel of the North painted on it’s side.  We did visit the Angel of the North, but more of that later.


Group of Tourists

We took a guided tour of Durham castle.  Here we are trooping in!


A Bakery

Here’s the bakery in Beamish Museum.  This is in the ‘town’, where they have reconstructed buildings brick by brick and filled them with artifacts of the time.  It is on a grand scale!  There’s also a colliery and miner’s cottages of the 1890s, a 1940s farm, and a 1820s tenant farmer’s house.  A very good day out!


A Waterfall

This is reputedly he highest waterfall in England.  I am afraid it is not very impressive! It is High Force waterfall near Teesdale where I took the rural landscape above. We had fun trying to capture ‘blurry’ water.



I have lots more pictures from our holiday to show you, but they can wait for another post.


Helen said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time, I love the photos, you've made great inroads to the scavenger list!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Some great captures for the Scavenger Hunt. Durham certainly looks like a wonderful place to visit.

Karen said...

Great finds! I especially love that rural landscape photograph!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Such great shots! Love the bus and waterfall especially.
And the Japanese Tin Tin!
Thanks for joining in.

Kerry said...

Great photos. I love visiting the angel of the north so will look forward to reading about your visit.

~*~Patty S said...

Such fun to see your photos...a great chance to armchair travel here from Virginia.

Hope to see more of the Angel of the North as we only got a glimpse of it last June when we were lucky enough to tour the UK.

You live in such a beautiful part of the world!

Melissa said...

Great finds for the hunt - I like that rural landscape photo the best!

Sylvia said...

wonderful photographs!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Hi Linda ~ Thanks for visiting my blog today. Your photos are fantastic, and I'm beginning to think that taking a vacation is a great way to capture lots of scavenger hunt photos! I'm going away next week and hoping to find a few more. Great finds!

Lady Ella said...

Your landscape may be my favourite of all that I've seen! So nice to see Durham and Beamish too - childhood haunts, of which I remember very little.

Carmen said...

What beautiful English countryside pictures. What a gorgeous country.

Becky said...

Great photos - love the waterfall.

marsha said...

looks like an impressive waterfall to me!

MiniOwner said...

Ooh great shots, Linda. :o)
Sue x

Cheri said...

Great shots! Your urban street scene looks so quaint and calm compared to what I picture in my mind.

Wrightboysmum said...

Great photos it looks like you had a great holiday. I like the Bletchley gnome. Happy Hunting.