Monday, 14 April 2014


I am having a massive sort out of my craft room.  I did reorganise it a while ago, but I am not very good at putting things back in the right place!!  And with Easter coming up, I have to make room in the dining room to actually eat!!

craft 001

My button drawer was in a terrible mess!  I have an old tin full of ‘vintage’ buttons.  Not sure where they came from, I think someone gave them to my Mum, who gave them to me.  So while tidying up I decided to go through them a bit more closely.  Here are some of my favourites:

craft 003

And in colour order:

craft 011craft 010craft 009craft 008craft 007craft 006craft 005craft 004

I love these old moulded buttons.  I must find out more about them.  Wonder how old they are?  1930s perhasp?

And then there are old cards of buttons:

craft 002

I love vintage sewing notions!  When I get a proper sewing room, I am going to have a little display of them.

This photo is for the challenge  ‘Something old’ my second week for 52 photos on 3Djean’s blog.  


Sian said...

I love them too. I recognise a couple of the older ones from a collection my Mum gave me! I definitely have some of the silvery ones with the castle design on the front

Chicken Licken said...

Love old buttons but don't like the "hairy " ones Ewwwwww