Sunday, 2 March 2014

My Month in Numbers

weather 003

February, despite being the shortest month of 28 days, has been a long dark, wet and windy month here on the South Coast of the UK.  It has made me want to hunker down and stay indoors!  So my numbers are mostly to do with indoor activities:

I am still trying to lose weight after the excesses of Christmas, and have rejoined Weightwatchers.  I only made it to 2 meetings this month and only lost 1lb over the whole month!  Not good enough!!  This last week, I bought myself 1 pedometer to encourage me to walk more and on Friday 28th February I walked 12,487 steps.

I have really enjoyed dressmaking this month and have made 3 garments:

1 pair of pyjama bottoms which were going to be for DD Lucy, but turned out way too big and fit me! (I have to make her another pair now)

1 dress, (Tiramisu from Cake Patterns – my 2nd pattern from this company)which is really a practise with cheap fabric at £3.99 per metre.  I intend to make it with some more expensive fabric.

craft 003

2 tops, Plantain from Deer and Doe already blogged, and Renfrew from Sewaholic.  More about this new top in another post.

Remember my crotcheting?  I have finished 17 squares from the book.

craft 002

Tash came for a sewing day and I used 35 x 2 inch squares to make this cushion from  Tash made hers slightly differently and used 25 squares.

 craft 005

Another indoor activity is scrapbooking.  I am currently scrapbooking a holiday to Canada we took 10 years ago.  I have made 27 project life style pages, and 10 12 x 12 pages.

craft 001

This page is for a challenge on and earned me 30 points for my team! 

We are remodelling our kitchen this year and have visited 3 kitchen shops.  We have 1 design which we love, and had 2 quotes which were pretty much what we had budgeted for.  We have ordered 1 new kitchen, including 22 units and 5 appliances, and have to wait 6 –8 weeks for installation.

One outdoor activity we did do was visit the motorbike show in London with our 2 friends.

bike show 008 

We drove 78.5 miles to get there.  There were over 150 stands, and I sat on 3 motorbikes.  (Maurice and our friend Stewart sat on many more!)  We had 2 drinks each there, and 1 breakfast roll.  But the best news is that we booked ONE great big holiday!!!  We visited the Paradise Motorcycle Tour company stand and booked a motorcycle tour of New Zealand for March 2015.  That is 13 months to wait!  Did you know that Auckland NZ, where we join the tour is 11,410 miles from here and will take about 24 hours flying time to get there!

That concludes my rather lengthy Month In Numbers post.  It has taken me more than 60 minutes to write this!  I am linking up with Julie Kirk at


Sian said...

What a great spread of numbers - there are lots of things to count in there and they all sound interesting, right from crochet to motorbiking

Helen said...

Well, Linda, that's quite a lot of numbers - but how exciting are the last ones, having followed your bike trip to the States, I can't wait for the NZ trip... lol!! Hoping that March is a bit(a lot!) drier so you can get out more - good luck with the weight.

helena said...

a lovely creative month - wonderful crochet squares. Motorbike will be a wonderful way to tour NZ and March is a great time to visit

Julie Kirk said...

Hello again Linda - lovely to have you continuing in the count!

Once again your dressmaking skills have impressed me ... and made me wish I could be bothered to learn!! [I love clothes ... but am less than patient when it comes to following instructions!]

One of my favourite things about reading through everyone's MinN posts is spotting connections across them - one month everyone seemd to be getting a new car ... another saw several trips to a salt mine [who'd have guessed???!!!] And this time yours is the 2nd post this time round to mention a kitchen remodelling.

I hope the prospect of your NZ tour helps you get through the awful weather you're having. Wishing you a glimmer of Spring in the days ahead.

I've added you to the board now:

Happy March to you and yours Linda!

Julie :-)

Burnice said...

17 squares!!! god am i playing catch up again? I've done 12!

Burn x

Deborah Weber said...

What a fun set of numbers, and you certainly managed a lot of creative activity in such a short month. How great you'll be getting a kitchen you love and a wonderful AZ tour to dream about. Happy March!

Chicken Licken said...

Cushion looks fab Linda!! What a busy month you have had!

Hazel A.. said...

So great to see that you sew your own clothes (not to mention quilt, crochet, scrapbook, etc., etc.!). I used to make all my own wardrobe but have really fallen off the wagon; your beautiful examples may just get me back on! Thanks for your inspiration.
Would love to go with you on your motorbike tour of NZ - my sister lives there and her husband is a biker.

Melissa Stebbins said...

A bit a rain seems to have given you plenty of time to pursue all your crafts, what a productive month.

Good news on your kitchen, how exciting.

Shari said...

Great post Linda - what a great February you have had. I am so impressed by your crafting skills in so many different areas.

So exciting that you will be coming to NZ next year :) :) :)

alexa said...

That dress looks lovely even if it is a 'practice' one. I really like the bodice and neck and will follow your link in a moment. Well done on 12000 steps in a day - I am threatening to buy Himself one :). And I fell in love with your cushion at first sight - aren't you talented!