Tuesday, 4 March 2014

February Top 5 Photos - Weather


My best pictures this month are all weather related.

First some stormy sky.  This was taken from my front door at about 4pm one afternoon, the sun was shining on the trees with a really black sky behind.  Luckily the rain blew over us!

weather 002

Next a picture from the back door, taken from inside the conservatory, where I am snug and dry!

weather 002

A stormy sea with the sun shining on the pier.  The wind was really blowing when I took this.  I was driving along the seafront and decided to stop for a quick picture.  I could hardly stand up, the wind was so strong!

beach 004

Finally, these last 2 were taken on one of the nicer days!  Hard to believe when I look back now, but we did have some nicer days of calm and sunshine!  I am fascinated by cranes and these 2 are helping to build new apartment blocks and hotel on our seafront.

beach walk 007

Another view looking towards the pier.  I love how the line of beach huts draws your eye into the picture and is echoed by the line of seaweed on top of the beach.  The beach has really changed shape with the pounding from the sea!  See how it gently shelves now? 

beach walk 001

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Helen said...

What amazing contrasts in weather - the blue sky was fabulous whilst it lasted! Thanks for visiting my Kew photos - yes, I'm lucky I live close enough to go regularly, as you can see I love it there!!