Sunday, 29 December 2013

The ‘weird time’ between Christmas and New Year

I was listening to radio 2 on Friday afternoon, and the DJ was asking listeners to text and phone in with what they were doing on this ‘weird time’ between Christmas and New Year!  Love that description – weird!

Well, as you will have noticed from my previous post, one year we had a baby!  I stayed in hospital until New Year’s eve that year. We have celebrated his birthday in different ways but several years took him and friends to London to the science museum.  It was usually very quiet and it was a lovely diversion from Christmas.

Nowadays we always have the time off work, and relax!  We sleep in late, get up slowly, maybe see family and friends or entertain here at home (today we have family coming for a buffet lunch).  Hopefully, the weather is cold and bright and we can go for a walk.  Yesterday we walked along the beach at a nearby town, Littlehampton. It started off sunny and bright but look at the menacing clouds!  They made for great photos, but not so good when it started to rain.

Christmas 013Christmas 008Christmas 005Christmas 006

We never go shopping!  We don’t got to the sales straight after Christmas.  I always feel I’ve done enough shopping before.  We eat and drink far too much!  We love to have a big turkey so we can eat it for days.  I’ve just finished off the last bits of meat with a casserole/soup and stewed the bones for stock.  We always snack  in the evening while watching tv and sipping wine.  We’ve enjoyed watching ‘Death Comes to Pemberley’ this year.  It is a murder mystery sequel to Pride and Prejudice.  We always go to bed later than we normally do!

My one little teeny tiny regret is that I clear the dining room so we eat in there for Christmas.  It won’t get changed back to my craft room until tomorrow!  I’m dying to do a bit of sewing or scrapbooking!

And the decorations?  I am still enjoying my tree with it’s twinkly lights, but must admit a little part of me wants to get them all down now and cleared away!  They will stay up until after the New Year but not sure they’ll make the twelfth night this year!

What do you like to do in this ‘weird’ time of year?


Sian said...

We travel on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, so the days after that are spent relaxing together. I love them! We haven't even been out to the sales yet

Maria Ontiveros said...

I like to "nest" this week. I take down the tree and ornaments (will do that today), clean and purge things for the new year. We cook at home a lot and enjoy our new presents. I do online shopping with the gift cards I received and just enjoy not having a "to do" list. For the last several years we've gone out for New Year's Eve, and we will again this year. We often have friends over on Jan. 1, but we haven't figured that one out yet.

Karen said...

Sounds good to me. We're in Chicago celebrating a late Christmas with my daughter and family, and tomorrow, Caleb's second birthday! We'll be heading home after the New Year.