Saturday, 7 December 2013

Sights and sounds and smells…

at this time of year are so evocative! 

The dark evenings are lit up with Christmas lights on houses and shops.  Maurice and I love to go for a walk to our local ‘house with all the lights’ and try to guess which structure is new this year!  There are beautiful Christmas displays in the shops.  A large Christmas tree has recently appeared in front of the town hall, right in front of our offices at Citizens Advice Bureau!

I opened the front door the other night to 2 little children singing for me!  They sang ‘we wish you a merry Christmas’ quite beautifully.  We haven’t had carol singers knock our door for years!  Their Mum was waiting at the end of the drive to keep a watch and keep them safe.  I popped some coins in their tin and they were off on their way.

I went to our local garden centre recently – they have a HUGE coffee shop!  I made sure I sat near the big Christmas tree to sip my latte. I am afraid I don’t go for flavoured lattes, like gingerbread, give me just plain old frothy latte anytime! It felt all warm and cosy as the outside light was fading, the tree lights were twinkling, and I was sipping my latte, trying not to think about the 101 things left to do!

Christmas 2013 010


Number 7 advent gift:  A lovely bangle, just in my colours!  Photo tomorrow as I am off to my Christmas scrapbook crop now

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alexa said...

I am glad to be reminded in the midst of all the busyness of the simpler things in life - thank you! Sitting savouring a good coffee in pretty surroundings sounds very therapeutic.