Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas trees

I love them!  Such an iconic symbol of Christmas, almost as much as Santa himself.  I love to have a real Christmas tree, and have been buying mine from the local pet shop for years.  Nowadays, the Christmas tree man knocks my door sometime in November to ask me when I want it delivered.  It’s being delivered next Tuesday.

Christmas 035Christmas 033Christmas 042

For several years we have decorated it with bright shiny baubles in golds, reds and browns, and it looks gorgeous.  But – I can’t help feeling that it looks as though it has come straight from a shop window!  I keep promising myself that I will make the decorations and we will have a more handmade Christmas tree.  This year I have made some felt decorations, probably not enough to decorate the whole tree, but maybe a few here and there will tone down the shop window look?

Christmas 005

I did get to the Christmas tree festival in the local church on Friday.  There were over 40 trees placed all around the walls of the church.  They were dressed by church groups, charities and local businesses.  I think my favourite was one adorned with blue rubber gloves by a local dentist!

Christmas 003Christmas 005Christmas 004

And my advent presents?  Here’s a picture of yesterday’s bangle and today’s calendar:

Christmas 002Christmas 002


Burnice said...

Oooh bangle looking good. Glad you like it. Trees look fab too. You have been busy felting I have to say. Maybe next year we should promise ourselves to make one a month and produce it on our Mondays. Now there's a challenge!!

Helen said...

I'm so glad you took some pics of the Christmas trees in church - they all look gorgeous! Your home made tree decorations are fabulous and will look great on your tree soon.

alexa said...

What a splendid photo of all those trees in church! The blue gloves made me smile :). Your little handmade decorations look very pretty ...

Alison said...

I love Christmas trees too,
Alison xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

This is the second year of using an artificial tree, and I"m enjoying the ease of it. I do think we'll still go to the Christmas tree farm to make wreaths and walk around a bit. We go with a totally eclectic mix of ornaments.