Sunday, 22 December 2013

Giving thanks

This season I am giving thanks for:

a nice warm cosy house, in which I can shelter from the awful wind and rain we are having at the moment.

Christmas 020

I am thankful that my family are all around me.  My immediate family all live close by, and I can share Christmas with them.  Maurice has 2 nephews who live abroad, and we will miss them this Christmas, but wish them well.  We were able to meet up with one of them for dinner on Thursday night at Gatwick as he was on a quick business trip.

Christmas 022

I am thankful and thinking about all my lovely friends.  We’ve been to a Christmas ‘open house’ today at one of my friends.  Her house looked, sounded and smelled lovely and Christmassy, with sparkly decorations, Christmas music in the background and mulled wine heating on the stove!  This year I made quite a few lengths of Christmas bunting for my friends, which they all loved!

december daily 107b

But I still enjoy the magic of time on my own to sit in my twinkly cosy lounge and watch Christmas movies!  I love The Snowman and Blooming Father Christmas.  Last night we watched A Christmas Carol.  Maybe we’ll watch another one later.

Advent presents:

A lovely big soup bowl/mug!  Fabulous for my home made soups!  I’ve already used it.  Some gorgeous wooden Christmas phrases for my scrapbook, and a lovely Christmas scrapbooking page kit.  Thanks Burn!

christmas 001

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