Saturday, 21 December 2013

All through the House….

are signs of Christmas!  There are the obvious signs like the Christmas tree and decorations in the lounge and hall, and a few decorations in the dining room.  Christmas 004

But what about the more subtle hints?

Sitting here at the kitchen table there is an opened box of Christmas shortbread laying next to me, a jar of mincemeat to remind me to make mince pies.  Christmas 007

The fridge is full with food we don’t normally have, and the wine rack is full to bursting with lovely wines for the Christmas period.Christmas 014

Upstairs in my bedroom, there are carrier bags full of presents waiting to be wrapped.  That’s my staging place.  That’s where I keep them as I buy and then get them all out form time to time to check if we have enough, and if it is fair between the kids.

Christmas journal day 10 055craft 019

In the dining room, there are rolls of wrapping paper standing in the corner.  I use the dining table as my wrapping station.  Scissors, tape and gift tags are all to hand, and the table is an easy height to work at standing or sitting.

Remember this box of presents?  Well, here’s what was in them!  Maurice had a new shed and I bought him a ‘shed survival kit’ all on our budget of £10!  It was a few years ago now, and we’ve kept up the tradition of the £10 budget as it makes it more fun!"

15.12.11 presents 00615.12.11 presents 005

There’s already plenty of presents underneath the tree.

Christmas Day 010


Now the kids are grown up, they don’t decorate their bedrooms, but there is a chocolate advent calendar in each of their rooms.  Getting empty now.  This year I sewed an advent panel, and it’s up on the wall in the hall filled with chocs for me and Maurice!  (He forgets every day!!)

craft 005

Outside there are a string of coloured lights along the porch.  Maurice has put them up this year, but I don’t think they have been turned on yet!  Maurice is the only one who will sit in the lounge next to our big Christmas tree and not turn the lights on!  I do think it looks rather sad without it’s twinkly lights!

What signs of Christmas are around your house?

Be back later with advent presents for last couple of days!


Mary Lou said...

Your home looks so inviting - your lounge would be such a delightful place to sit and enjoy tea and one of those delicious looking mince tarts. Mince meat is not popular in our part of the world but thankfully with my British roots, it is still a staple in our home although unlike my Mother & Grandmother, I do not make, I start with a jar of E.D. Smith's mince meat.

Alison said...

Love this Christmassy! Our latest sign of Christmas is Kirsty having arrived home today and currently being licked to death by boo!
Alison xx

Chicken Licken said...

Erm....nothing Christmassy here yet! Still cleaning!!! Your house looks very cosy and twinkly!

Chicken Licken said...

Erm....nothing Christmassy here yet! Still cleaning!!! Your house looks very cosy and twinkly!

Sian said...

Lovely post! yes, we have a pile of presents I have already tripped over this morning as I went to open the bedroom curtains, and I have made and eaten three dozen mince pies - so I made another three dozen. Love mince pies. Happy Christmas Linda