Saturday, 13 July 2013

My Summer Garden

Sitting in my chair sipping my coffee one sunny morning, I noticed how the lovely view across my patio.  I had decided on an orange colour scheme for the pots this year.  Love my pink watering can in the background!

garden 001garden 003

Here’s a look from the other side and you can see my little vegetable patch.  I have beetroot, carrots, courgettes, potatoes, radishes, garlic and shallots in that tiny patch!

garden 004

This almost blue rose (veilchenbaum) scrambles up an obelisk just behind the greenhouse.  It has been full of flowers! 

garden 006

This view is from the back of the vegetable patch across behind the greenhouse.  I have been really successful with sweet peas this year, such a lovely smell!

garden 008garden 005

garden 006garden 007

Finally, here’s the 3 bags of stuff I cut down yesterday!  I was cutting and sawing quite large pieces of wood, removing a dying cotinus shrub and begniing to cut down some overgrown conifers etc.  I think Boot Camp on Thursday night which was all arms and upper body exercises helped!


Burnice said...

Oooh lovely. The orange looks good.

Karen said...

Linda, it's all just beautiful! Love the orange, and your vegetable plot looks so lush. Ours just don't seem to be doing as well this year.

Helen said...

Your garden is certainly beautiful, though it sounds a lot of work. That rose is stunning!!

Chicken Licken said...

That looks great! My sweet peas however have been rubbish!!!

alexa said...

Your garden is so prolific, and I am envying you that richly sown vegetable patch!