Thursday, 11 July 2013

A sunny weekend

The UK has been basking in glorious warm sunshine – at last!  After a very long cold winter, we struggled through a very cool, dull Spring. Now all of a sudden the sun has come out and it is hot, hot hot!brighton 037

We went to Brighton on Sunday.  We actually went there for a whisky tasting session!  I bought it for Maurice’s birthday this week.  brighton 027

He does rather love his whiskies and is fairly knowledgeable about the different styles of whisky and the distillation and aging processes.  We tasted 5 very different scotch whiskies.  (Needless to say we took the train to Brighton!)  The tastings took place in the very atmospheric wine cellar of one of the seafront hotels. It was quite nice to go down to the cool, dark cellar after the bright hot sunshine outside.brighton 026

We wouldn’t normally venture very far from home on a hot weekend day, for the simple reason it’s what everyone else does!  It was amazing to see the beach so full of people!

brighton 014brighton 032brighton 034

Must go for a ride on that big wheel next time we’re there.

A few more for the scavenger hunt:

A theatre.  How about this Punch and Judy puppet theatre on the beach?  Very traditional.  Or the stage door of the Theatre Royal in Brighton?

brighton 018brighton 047

Local pub, cafe etc.  It is said that in the old days Brighton had a pub on every street corner!  I think they looked like this one:

brighton 048


Karen said...

Great finds! My husband would have enjoyed that trip as well! I'm not at all fond of whiskey.

Maria Ontiveros said...

What great theatre photos! I enjoy whiskey and Auchentoshan is one of my favorites but hard to find here. What a treat to see it in your photo!

Burnice said...

Great pics of my home town Linda... There was, at one time, a pub for every day of the year!!!! My dad had one of them!
Burn xx

alexa said...

Lovely photos of a typical seaside town - your photos are so atmospheric, Linda. I can almost hear the music and chatter from here. Was there candyfloss?