Sunday, 20 January 2013


Here’s some pics of my snowman and snowy garden I took on Friday:

snowman 001snowman 002snowman 003snowman 006snowman 007

I wasn’t too keen to see the snow at first.  Walking the dog on Friday morning was very difficult, as it had just started snowing and was very slippy!  Later on I had to walk to the hairdressers, but the snow was deeper, so I wrapped up well, put on my new wellington boots, and set off!  It was beginning to melt a bit, so easier to walk on.  I decided that as the snow was a couple of inches deep in the garden I would build a snowman!  Here he is, built solely with my own hands!

It’s Sunday morning now, and it’s snowing again.  Friday’s snow has melted and refrozen, so the pavements will be even more treacherous now! This is why we don’t cope with snow very well in the UK!  We don’t get very much snow so we don’t spend much money on preparing for it (for instance we don’t have snow tyres) and the temperature hovers around zero, not several degrees below, so it gets very icy!

How do you cope with snow?


Burnice said...

He still looks drunk!!!!
I cope by not moving from sofa!
Burnice x

Helen said...

Oh, your garden looks lovely in the snow! Well done for braving the outside to build your snowman, he's cute! I was lucky enough to stay home from work Friday, but tomorrow won't be much fun - but I will also put on my wellies and be fine! Cold, but fine!

Mary Lou said...

We saw on the news how parts of England were getting snow. Even though I have grown up with snowy winters, I will never enjoy driving or walking in it and I have snow tires and clip on ice grippers for my boots. Pretty to look at and does protect the garden. I like your snowperson :) Right now in southern Ontario, Canada we are getting winds gusting at 90K and blowing snow - ah January.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Very cute! Snowmen are definitely the best way to celebrate snow. Take care on the slippery walks,

Alison said...

We don't share your snow problem, Linda.......hoping it's easing up where you are!
Alison xx