Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Year’s Resolutions and Goals

Some of you who have read my blog for a while will know that I love making new year’s resolutions and setting goals for myself.  A few years ago I did an online class: How to achieve your goals and live the life you love with Aby Garvey at www.simplify101.com.  I still chat on the forum daily with the same dozen or so participants, who have become firm friends.   We set ourselves annual goals, but then break them down month by month. 

This year I started with my ‘One Little Word’ (an idea from www.aliedwards.com), which is CREATE.   I have set goals for a creating a healthy lifestyle, creating a comfortable and welcoming home and we are in the process of planning some very exciting travel later in the year.  I would dearly like to do more craft this year, and schedule crafting time into my life on a weekly basis.

Aby has written 2 inspiring blog posts here and here about setting 13 goals in 2013.  This got me thinking, what 13 goals could I set myself for 2013? Bearing in mind my crafting goal, I have decided to use this idea to set myself crafting goals for each month of the year.  I have lots of ideas (far more than 13 actually!) and will set one per month.

To kick it all off, I am making January a ‘finish-off’ month and will finish my 2012 album, and my Christmas album (JYC).  Here are my December pages in my 2012 album, Project Life style:

craft 001craft 002craft 003craft 004craft 005craft 006craft 007craft 008craft 009craft 010craft 011craft 012

Hope you like them!  I am going to make 2013 album a bit simpler and make more 12 x 12 LOs for my other albums.  In fact, I still have to organise my albums despite Shimelle’s class being several months ago (last May in fact!)  So there’s a job I need to do.  I am confused between Stacey Julian’s Library of Memories and annual albums.  More about this later!


shanna said...

Just a suggestion but you could have annual album for the big stuff that happens in the year birthdays holidays vacations events etc that are specific to that year and then have a more Stacey Julian style albums for the stuff that could happen at any time like personality pages, every day things or places you go a lot that don't have to be a specific time. That covers both areas.

Alissa W said...

Hi Linda! Just had to chime in because you said you were confused about annual albums and LOM albums. I did my first project life last year and kept it separate. Any full layouts I created in 2012, just get filed in my LOM (which I did last night!) I am doing PL again in 2013 and it satisfies my need for scrapping plus with two wee ones I don't have much time for regular layouts. I think it's so neat you guys still check in. I should pop in and say hello!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Great job on finishing! I'm making a bit of progress in that regard myself.

Alison said...

Well done on getting finished....and looking forward to seeing what else you achieve this year!
Alison xx

Shari said...

Linda - love your pages, they look fabulous. You have inspired me to get on with my Project Life :).

alexa said...

I love the concept of a finish-off month - genius! You have so many pages already ... I love to see the recording of the everyday.