Monday, 30 April 2012

Week in my Life–day 7

The final day of my project to document my week was wet!  Not so many photos today, as I spent the day indoors, some sewing, some tidying.  Not until I had got drenched walking the dog!

12.04.29 week in the life 036

A spot of ironing:

12.04.30 week in the life 00612.04.30 week in the life 004

And more sewing.  I bought these cute raffia containers from Wilkinsons recently.  They look great holding my sewing projects

12.04.30 week in the life 00312.04.30 week in the life 010

Look how tidy my dining room looks now!  We have BIL and SIL coming to dinner on Tuesday so I thought I’d better make a start and try to find the table and floor!

12.04.30 week in the life 008

12.04.30 week in the life 01112.04.30 week in the life 012

1 comment:

Alison said...

What a wet week you've had Linda! Well done on getting the dining room cleared!
Alison xx