Saturday, 21 April 2012

Time Management


I’ve been participating in a time management class over at  The first week’s task was to log my time for 1 whole week.  This time, (I’ve already taken the class a couple of times before) I managed to keep up with logging for the whole week fairly accurately.  So here’s a pie chart of my week:


Some notes:

  1. Computer.  I broke this down into the various things I do on the computer.  By far the most time was checking and posting to forums and message boards.  Other things I did: emails, finances, photos, shopping, scrapbook challenges (Shimelle) and looking at blogs
  2. Dog walking.  2 dog walks per day, usually about 2 hours per day.  That’s quite a bit of exercise!
  3. Housework.  Surprised how little time I spent!  Includes laundry, bed making, vacuuming, grocery shopping.
  4. Hobbies.  Wow!  I didn’t realise I spent that much time!!!  This week did include my scrapbook crop on the Saturday which is 8 hours including travel.  Includes scrapbooking, sewing, writing and gardening.
  5. CAB is Citizens Advice Bureau, my voluntary work.  Interesting and pleasing that I spent 3 times more on hobbies, and almost double on dog walking!
  6. Misc includes errands, phone calls, seeing Mum, coffee with friends.
  7. Grooming and exercise is showers and 2 exercise classes, Pilates and Aquazumba!  Both are fairly new to me, but I am enjoying them immensely!
  8. Evening is getting ready for bed and reading.  Also includes 3 hours TV.  I don’t watch much TV, but when I do I usually am sewing while watching, so that time is in hobbies.
  9. There’s not much time dedicated soley to family members!  That’s because DH and I go for the evening dog walk together every evening and we usually sit down together about 9pm for TV (and my sewing).

Interesting to see how my week panned out! Looks like quite a good balance.  Now I wonder how long it’s taken me to do this analysis!!!


Chicken Licken said...

Wow I want your life!!!!

Alison said...

An interesting exercise Linda...and it DOES seem quite a well-balanced week!
Alison xx

alexa said...

This is fascinating, Linda, and lovely of you to share. More hobbies than housework sounds great for a creative person! Such a pain we all have to sleep!

Sian said...

What an interesting (and informative!) exercise this is. Gosh, I'm wondering what my pie chart would look like now..

Wig said...

That does look like a good balance, Linda. It always amazes me how much time in life we all spend sleeping. But then, of course, my cat spends at least 80% of her life sleeping! :-)