Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Music, love and disappointment

What music are you currently loving?

I thought I would ask this question as Maurice bought me a CD for my birthday (it was on Sunday). I absolutely LOVE this single by Gotye, featuring Kimbra:

He's an Aussie I think, She has a terrific voice!  This song has been no 1 in the UK charts for weeks! I hear it several times a day on BBC Radio2 – my favourite radio station, and I still don't tire of it But the whole CD is really disappointing. In my opinion, this is the only good song!

This got me thinking- so I dug out the last 3 CDs I bought (I did buy quite a few CDs, if I heard a good song on the radio I'd buy the CD, but I've stopped lately with the economising!)

Lonely are the Brave by Maverick Sabre
Love this track:
I just love the line:

When I kiss you on your cheating lips, all I ever picture is you with him (but it does sound like he sings ’cheesy lips’ YUK!)

Born to Die by Lana Del Rey
My favourite track:

Are those lips for real?  She does look very cool though.

Seasons of My Soul by Rumer
So cool:

This is an album I love!  Every track is Great.  I love the track ‘Slow’ too, not sure which one is my favourite.


Can't you tell I like slow and moody! I love a distinctive voice too!
What are the last 3 albums you bought/downloaded? And have you been disappointed in a the album after loving the single?

Maurice also bought me a laminator(Smile) and some solar lights for the garden!  I had a fabulpous day, made all the better by the gorgeous unseasonal warm sunshine we’re havingSmile.


Sian said...

A compelling post title! We like Rumer here too - good for singing along too

Burnice said...

Gotye's song is good! I have downloaded Florence + The Machine Lungs and Ceremonials and Blood Orange - Coastal Grooves! Burnice x

Chicken Licken said...

Ooooo good question. I bought The Overtones, Caro Emerald and The Baseballs! Love 'em all!

Alison said...

I've never heard of GOTYE and have to say the song doesn't do much for me...BUT I loved the sound of Rumer...may get DD to download that for me! She downloaded a couple of Jason Mraz albums for me last time she was hee, and I love them!
Alison xx

alexa said...

Thank-you for the introduction to Rumer - lovely song and voice ... Will google the CD! Glad to know you like the whole album - sometimes, they can be a bit (dare I say it) samey ... :)