Saturday, 31 March 2012


I want to tell you how CRAZY our country is getting! We have a petrol(gas) shortage, there are long queues at the petrol stations, and many are running out of petrol. The reason? The petrol tanker drivers are threatening to go on strike, and our government (in their wisdom) told us all to take precautions and fill up with petrol every time we pass a petrol station! The tanker drivers haven't even met to vote on strike action yet, and then will have to give 1 weeks notice!!! Now they've said they definately won't strike over Easter, so we're 10 days or so away from any strike. Then one stupid government minister suggested that we all should keep some petrol in jerry cans in our homes/garages
One lady was severely burned yesterday as she decanted petrol in her kitchen with her gas oven alight CRAZY!

To top that the government want to put tax on hot take away food (not cold). We are a nation of pie and pasty lovers, and the take away outlets do very well. But the definition of 'hot' is causing some problem as it is to do with the ambient temperature. So a pie in the summer won't have tax on it, but it will on a cold winters day!!! CRAZY! (Of course, our government ministers are too posh to eat take away pies and pasties!)

In addition we are all up in arms at the rise of the cost of a postage stamp! It's going up form 46p to 60p. The joke going round is that we'd all like to complain, but we can't afford the postage! There will be a run on postage stamps too as we are all being advised to stock up before the price rise! CRAZY!

One man tweeted that he was forced to buy a pasty while he waiting in the queue in the garage to buy his stamps!

These are the everyday things that matter to us as the general public.  The problems with the economy, bankers and EEC affect us all, for sure, but we don’t understand the details, they go over our heads.  But we do mobilise and take action when told to fill up with petrol, and that our beloved pies are going to cost more!  It’s surprising how much anger there is at the increase in the cost of a stamp because the reason it is going up is that we don’t write letters anymore – we text, email, social network and tweetSmile!


Alison said...

I have to say that watching it all from afar, it DOES seem crazy..DD and I were just saying so while watching BBC News last night!
Alison xx

Burnice said...

Feel better now, Linda!!!
See you tomorrow - Burnice xxx

Giullietta said...

I have just returned from a very sane weekend with Cardinal Colours at Stone Cross. I was sorry you couldn't be there.
This is sadly so true - crazy, crazy, crazy!
Hope you are well and keeping sane in the midst of it all.
love from juliet

Gem's Crafts said...

It's all completely crazy, especially if you're only buying petrol because the government telling you rather than because you actually needed it! I must admit I didn't know about the stamps or the hot take-away tax - been living in a bubble these last 9 weeks!

alexa said...

Yep, it seems to be the silly season! The bit that I am feeling uneasy about is the plan to be able to snoop on all our emails, texts, Skypes and phone calls without our knowing. Exorbitantly priced Letters will soon be the only secure way of communicating!