Thursday, 1 September 2011

Little signs….

that summer is drawing to a close.  Pictures taken Sunday morning on our dog walk along the river Rife in Ferring.


walk 010walk 013walk 015walk 018walk 008

I feel quite sad about that. I have enjoyed the summer and have endeavoured to live an ‘outdoor life’, being outside as much as possible. Sadly the weather has been indifferent during August, so I’ve not been outside as much as I was in July.  I even swam in the sea several times this summer!

So September rolls in, and the sun is shining!  The grey overcast weather has gone, at least for today.  Of course, we always say that the weather turns good once the schools go back, which is next week some time, right?  (Now I have grown up children I don’t know what date school begins!)  But September still brings that ‘back to school’ feeling,  new pencil cases, new stationery, new school uniforms, all bringing a sense of starting again, another chance to do well.  Good luck especially to all those starting a new school.

Reflecting on this reminds me how hard it has been to start something new in August.  This August I began training to be an assessor for Citizens Advice Bureau.  What has surprised me most, is how hard it is to study in August, when I am still in holiday mode! However, the training is going well, there’s lots to learn, but it is all incredibly interesting.  I have completed the first stage of my training, now it’s observing assessments in a bureau and doing supervised assessments myself.


Giullietta said...

I love the autumnal photos, Linda. In fact I have enjoyed your blog since this time last year!
Well done for you CAB work too.
Looking forward to seeing you again in Eastbourne!

Chicken Licken said...

And I go back to work tomorrow.!

Alison said...

Real Autumn pics...beautiful! Good Luck with CAB
Alison xx

alexa said...

Lovely photos - so atmospheric. And congratulations on your training - I know you said when you visited me that you weren't going to to Shimelle's LSNED tis year - but it sounds like you are learning something new every day in any case! So worthwhile, what you are doing..

scrappysue said...

Beautiful photos Linda; I always loved Autumn the best when I lived in the UK. Best of luck with the CAB training!

Shari said...

Love your autumn photos Linda. You have done so well with your 'living outdoors more' summer goal. Good luck from me too with your CAB training.

Melissa said...

We're looking forward to fall here, although we have a ways to go before we'll feel a change in the weather. Still reaching over 100 degrees here most days! UGH