Monday, 29 August 2011

These shoes are made for walking!

It’s time for some new walking shoes!  I have had these walking shoes since Summer 2005, just about 6 years, and I have worn them most days during that time.  They have been on the beach, and got wet and sandy, up on the downs, and got wet and muddy, and have very worn down soles. walk 004

For a bit of fun, we tried to estimate how many miles I have walked in them:

6 years

40 weeks per year(I don’t usually wear them in the summer)

7 days per week (dog walks)

1.5 hours per day @ 2mph

= approx 5,000 miles!!!

Au Revoir, old friends!  See you in the garden.

We visited Peglars, in my new favourite town, Arundel.  It’s a specialist ‘expedition’ shop (actually 3 shops) and is worth a visit just because the shop assistants really know their stuff and always have an anecdote about walking in the Lake District or Snowdonia!  These were the first pair I put on, and I was bowled over by the comfort and fit!  They feel like they are giving my feet a hug!  I’ve already road tested them, a walk up the downs yesterday morning, and into Worthing town centre last night.  Wonder if these will last 5,000 miles?

walk 001walk 003


Alison said...

Hope your 'old faithfuls' enjoy their retirement!
Alison xx

alexa said...

That's a great total! How about a pedometer for recording the life of the next pair?

Shari said...

You sure got a lot of miles out of those shoes Linda :). Love the new pair.

Photographing Mom said...

Nice new shoes! Here's to many more miles on them. :)

Chicken Licken said...

Wow thats a few miles! Mind you if you walk at 2mph thats quite slow!! Are you sure you don't walk quicker than that? x