Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Staycation Part 1

We’ve just had a little Staycation, ie a holiday at home.  Maurice booked the 3 days off between Easter and the Royal Wedding, and ended up with a 10 day break from work!  I have a problem with Staycations.  Maurice is quite happy, being out at work every other week of the year, to potter about at home.  He likes to get up late, walk the dog, have a nap, all very slow and tedious!  Me, I’ve been at home full time for about 6 months, so I want to go out and about, do holiday type things, be a tourist in my own area, and not cook or do laundry or do housework!

We stayed around for the Easter weekend.  The weather was unusually glorious and we enjoyed our locality right by the beach (see here for photos).  We had a bit of disagreement after that about staying in or going out!  Well, I think we came to a good compromise and did manage to go out a couple of times:

Parham House with Mum:

Parham House is in Storrington, and is an old English Manor House originally built in 1577, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I!  It has only had 3 different families living in it in all that time.  We went to look at the gardens, we didn’t go in the house on this occasion.

Parham 001Parham 003Parham 005

The tulips were just a their best!

Parham 009Parham 011Parham 020

We loved these 2 pigs!  They came running over oinking as we approached their pen!

Parham 023

And here…..drum roll please…taa daa… are my 9,999 th and 10,000th photos with my Nikon D70s!  Both were taken in a little greenhouse.  It was beautiful!


Parham 026Parham 027

And to finish off a lovely afternoon, a very English cream tea!  A pot of tea to drink, with a scone, jam and cream to eat, Wonderful!

Parham 031

I’ll be back with more tomorrow….


scrappysue said...

Linda, your photos are stunning! And many congrats on your LO being linked on Shimelle's blog today, totally deserved!

Gem's Crafts said...

What a lovely place to visit, and your photos are fab!

Shoshonee said...

Nice photos. I like the cute piggies. I like seeing places I'll probably never get to see through your photos.

Helen said...

I always love stopping by to see your pictures, not least because I know several of the areas you visit.

Shari said...

Linda - fabulous photos again. Love the piggies, tulips and cream tea. I am enjoying seeing your sunny skies as ours are grey and the leaves are falling right now. Good to hear that you did get out and about on your staycation.

Rebekah said...

Beautiful pictures Linda! Gorgeous scenery.

Lorraine said...

love these photos