Saturday, 7 May 2011

Staycation day 3

My very favourite outing from last week was our trip to the Weald and Download Open Air Museum, at Singleton.  It is a museum of buildings, local to this area.  They have been rescued from demolition and painstakingly rebuilt here in the most gorgeous downland setting.  A recent improvement is the furnishing of the properties as they would have been at the time.  Here is somewhere I would love to volunteer!  But sadly it’s a bit too far away, about 45 minutes drive.  However, the drive is through gorgeous countryside and as it was a such a gorgeous Spring day, we went on the motorbike.

Looking down at the ‘village’

singleton 003

The latest building is this cute little tin tabernacle.  It is tiny!  It is constructed of green corrugated tin.

singleton 013

This is a pair of farm labourers cottages from c1860.  The left one has been stripped bare so you can see the construction, and the right one has been furnished.  They are so small!  Just 2 rooms downstairs (12 ft square) and 2 rooms upstairs!  We found them fascinating.

singleton 015

singleton 001singleton 017

This is Bayleaf, the most prestigious property there, and by far my favourite!  It is a 16th century farmers house.  The people who lived here would have been reasonably well off, and would have tended a few acres of land, and been involved in the local community.  If I could go back in history, this is where I would go to!  We have a painting of this house on our bedroom wall, that we bought years ago from a local art show!

singleton 019singleton 026singleton 030singleton 039


Tracy said...

That does look like a fun place to visit. Really beautiful buildings and it is lovely that they have been perserved.

Gem's Crafts said...

Oooh what lovely photos, and lucky you being able to take photos inside, when we go to National Trust properties its forbidden!

Jo.C said...

Great place - if it were a bit closer I would love to visit - Have a great day :0)

Chicken Licken said...

I LOVE it there, we have been a few times but not for a few years now.Ken's Mum knew Winkhurst when it was in it's original place before it was moved to the Museum....she used to go to school with the girl who lived there I think! A fascinating place.

scrappysue said...

I would have loved this too Linda, what a great day out!

Shari said...

This does look like fun Linda. The buildings look gorgeous! You have lots of great places to visit near you.

Anonymous said...

This does look fabulous! Must visit there sometime. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Alison said...

Looks like another lovely day out..great photographs! Thanks for your comment on my blog!
Alison xx

furrypig said...

we recently visited and we had a great day but somehow missed the tabernacle! We watched spinning and weaving and the childrn made willow wands! Great fun, love the photos you took.