Monday, 9 May 2011

Fun with self-portraits

I have been trying out self portraits since the begining of the year and want to add them into my 2011 album (it’s becoming more like an illustrated diary now, I love the way my yearly albums have evolved, maybe the details of that will form a future post).  I am even more inspired by Embrace the Camera (see which I found via Margie’s blog.  I usually take pictures in the mirror:
home 022

But in my quest to understand my camera better, I recently tried out the self-timer.  First in the conservatory:
OOPs, missed!
me 003

That’s better, but not too happy with exposure
me 005

Then, I went out into the garden, placing my camera on the back steps.  The white thing across the bottom of some of these pics is the book I balanced the lens on!  As you can see I had trouble with a certain dog!  Merlin was a bit confused by the camera taking pictures on it’s own and kept barking at it!  In the second picture I caught him mid shake!  Then I thought about putting the camera down on the grass and lying down.  Merlin thought this was very funny, and his cue to lick me!  We did have funSmile.
me 020me 018me 016me 011me 009me 010

Finally, I sat at the kitchen table and got this one:
Linda 001

Not bad eh?  That is, apart from the camera lead in the way!  Note to self, clear the table in front of you first!  Oh well, keep practising!


scrappysue said...

Looks like you had tons of fun getting these shots Linda! LOL about Merlin sneaking up and licking your face, I like the one of you on the grass with Merlin behind you the best. I must try this on the beach before we leave! Thanks for the link too, I had to go over and check it out.

Chicken Licken said...

Hee hee! How funny! I can't lie down anywhere either or I get jumped on by 2 dogs!

Jo.C said...

I liked the one of you kneeling down and then saw where the dog was and thought maybe not :0)
Great one in the kitchen though - could crop it.

Jane said...

looks like you had fun!

Shoshonee said...

My dogs too get overly excited if I get anywhere near the ground! Very cute pictures and great self portraits.

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

That last photo is a winner for sure! I also like the outdoor shots. Animals make any photo fun!

Shari said...

Fun photos Linda - looks like Merlin really enjoyed your photo shoot. I do like the last one of you.

Margie said...

I love these! Your dog is a riot. You are motivating me to take some more self-portraits. I used my self-timer for a week or two and I'm already not doing it again. Not to mention, I am not always presentable! Ha! Better get over that. Yours are adorable.

WendyB said...

Found your blog through BBfS and just wanted to say that I loved your set of self portraits, really made me smile :-)