Monday, 24 January 2011

Weekend Project no 2

WE decided a while ago that our front garden is seriously overgrown!  And then, we booked a firm to install cavity wall insulation.  They are coming on Wednesday and we needed to clear in front of the house for them to get ladders up to the wall! 

I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture, but here’s some taken while the work was  ‘in progress’

garden 183garden 187

Mum came over to help.  She’s cutting back the ‘hedge’ at the front of the garden.

garden 188

Here’s the bit that needed cutting back so they can get their ladders in.  That aucuba and a couple of forsythia bushes have been severely cut back (murdered probably!!), to reveal the gorgeous bay window of my dining/scrap room.  I can’t believe how much lighter it is in there, even today on a dull grey day.

garden 185garden 186

Poor Maurice had to take 3 car loads to the dump!  And we still have a pile of cuttings on the lawn.

After they have been on Wednesday – providing the weather stays dry for a few more days – I will get out here and dig this bit and plant some ground cover while the bushes grow back.  But, I am determined not to let them get as big again!

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Lynn said...

Hi Linda, were you the Cricut winner at Jill's seaside retreat last september? I was teaching the cricut workshops. Loving your blog.