Monday, 31 January 2011

Holiday on Ice

Wow!  What a spectacular show!!

ice show 004

We took Mum to the ice show at the Brighton Centre for her birthday.  We went to the 1.30pm show, which was a lovely time to go out and we were nice and early back home.  We had been with the kids years ago, but Maurice hadn’t been before.  He is very keen on Dancing on Ice on itv at the moment so I knew he would love it!  He was really gob smacked!!  The rink is in the middle of the Brighton Centre with tiered seating on 3 sides.  The set was spectacular with a huge ‘planet’ in the middle which lit up with a variety of lighting effects, and had a ‘ring’ around it which turned out to have a skating ‘line’ on the top!

ice show 010


The costumes were wonderful, all colourful,and sparkly.  The skaters were sublime- especially the Korean girl and the pairs skaters. 

ice show 013

That pairs skating is just sooo scary!  How do they do it?  They skate so fast and then the lifts!  The man will often just lift the woman high above his head with just one hand.  What balance!  What strength!  How do they practise?

ice show 016


There were 2 clowns Ein and Stein who were just so funny.  They were obviously very accomplished skaters, but fell over lots and mucked about, great comedy!  (Why is it that falling over is just so funny?)


And then a really wonderful finale with a ‘Bollywood’ theme, with everyone on the ice, and fireworks going off from the edge of the rink.  What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

ice show 021

Have a peek at for video of the spectacular ice dancing!

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