Friday, 12 November 2010

5 things….

2010-09-06 Downs 002

1 I am loving walking the dog a bit further at the moment, even in the wind and rain!  I love getting all dressed up and feeling dry and warm inside!  What I do hate is all the wet gear hanging around when you get home!

2 I am starting preparations for Christmas.  I have doen a little shopping for gifts, and have bought the ingredidents for my baking.  Just got to find the time to do it now!

3 I am sewing and knitting!  I am quilting my big quilt which is slowly but surely getting finished.  I am spending today having a ‘sewing day’, finishing off some table mats I started at a workshop a couple of weeks ago.

4 I am worrying about DN who is in hospital and my cousin who has terminal cancer.

5 I am enjoying not working and am wondering where all the time goes!

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