Sunday, 12 September 2010

That end of summer feeling…

I picked the last of my tomatoes today.  My summer pots are really near the end of their glory now, so I emptied some and consolidated others.  Now to think of winter pots…

garden 176

I am thrilled with my tomato harvest though!  I have kept a tally of how much I have picked:

The big tomatoes  9.8kg!!!! That’s from 3 plants.

The tumbler tomato, 1 plant in a hanging basket, giving little juicy toms, just over 4kg!!!

Gardners Delight, another small juicy tomato yielded 1.8kg!! 

Just need to research a nice recipe for green tomato chutney!

I am so pleased with the garden this year.  Mum and I have worked quite hard to tame and replant some wild areas.  I really feel it is under control now, just a few areas need a little bit of work.  Hopefully I can get those done this autumn, and the garden will be ready for Spring!

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Donna said...

If you have cornmeal in the UK, you could make green friend tomatoes. Mmmmmmm!!!