Saturday, 4 September 2010


I am participating in Shimelle’s ‘Learn Something New Everyday’ class again this year.  Last year I blogged the prompts, this year I am completing a small 4x6 album.


Day 1

I learned that I can make bread!  It was really yummy!!  Best not bake it too often, because I just want to eat it all.

everyday things 043


Day 2

I learned how to make a start on my next sewing project!  I just love going to my sewing class every Thursday, we always spend most of the time laughing!

craft 330


Day 3

I learned that all my hard work during the summer in the garden has paid dividends, it is looking great now! (especially after all that rain!)  Thanks for all your help Mum.

garden 173


scrappysue said...

What lovely photos Linda, and that bread sure does look scrummy! Still haven't decided what format to do mine in: I wanted to have a go at mixed media, but that's making far too much work for myself!

Helen said...

Just been catching up with your photos - gorgeous of your Scotland trip - somewhere I've never been, but not sure if I fancy it by bike...
Love the look of that loaf of bread, can almost smell it from here!