Sunday, 11 July 2010

London – again!

WE went up to London again last night!  It was Maurice’s nephew Simon’s 30th birthday bash, and we met in a little Spanish restaurant in Fulham.

Here’s Simon and Alice, his girlfriend:


Part of the Spanish tapas:

simon's birthday 004 

Mark (Simon’s older brother) and Nicholas

simon's birthday 005

Maurice and Me!  It was actually Maurice’s birthday yesterday, so it was a double celebration – Maurice had a cake too!

simon's birthday 008

Back on Clapham Junction station again, this time a little later, not sure I have ever caught a train home this late before!

simon's birthday 013

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Burnice said...

oooh lovely pics Linda. Bit like my garden !!!!!!! Perhaps I should have an open day!!!! Didn't know it was Maurice's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAURICE !
Burn x