Sunday, 11 July 2010

Garden open day

Mum and I went to a little village north of here for a garden open day.  Mum’s friends Ray and Wendy had their garden open along with 12 other local gardens.  It was a very hot afternoon, and it was quite a treck round the whole village!  I didn’t take many photos – but here’s the best ones:


Hostas in pots, seems to be the way to grow them without holes in the leaves!

ashington gardens 006

One little corner of Ray and Wendy’s garden.  I have bought some of that pink phlox!

ashington gardens 001

These hanging baskets were superb!

ashington gardens 002

Heucharas are one of my favourites, but I never seem to have success with them:

ashington gardens 004

This little corner was in a secret part of the garden, all shady and cool, but look at the shadows that the dappled sunlight cast of the fern leaves!

ashington gardens 005

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