Saturday, 19 June 2010

Sandown Quilt show

I went to Sandown quilt show yesterday with my chums, Burnice, Freda (thanks for driving!) and Maureen.  I spent loads of money, ands saw some beautiful quilts:

craft 278 craft 267 craft 268 craft 270 craft 272 craft 273

These were all in the class: Barbados Beckons.  I love the bright, colours, such fun!


I did a workshop with Sally Holman.  She is brilliant!  We made a little beach scene, using foundation piecing and texturing.  Here’s what mine lloks like now I have done a bit more to it.  It still needs quilting, and some embellishment:

craft 284


And finally, here’s a picture of my new fabric and stuff:

craft 285


Let’s see how long it takes to actually use it all!

1 comment:

Lesley said...

What gorgeous quilts - love that Cancan one!
Your sea scene looks good. Love all the different layers.
Nice bit of retail therapy too!
Lesley x