Sunday, 13 June 2010

Macro practise in the garden

It is a blue sky with fluffy clouds day today:

garden 123

So although I should be tidying up and getting ready for Maurice’s brother and sister in law coming for dinner tomorrow, I thought I would take a few moments to practise with my macro lens in the garden.  There are some gorgeous flowers out right now:


I love these little daisy like flowers that start out pink but fade to white.

garden 125

I have loads fo purple aquilegia that have self seeded around the garden.  This one is in the gravel of the patio

garden 127

This red valerian also self seeds!  It is really lovely at this time of year but looks a mess for the rest!

garden 128

This yellow flag iris is all on it’s own in a dark corner of the garden, but I managed to capture it in it’s own ray of sunshine!

garden 130


I love the papery pink flowers of this cistus, but unfortunately they don’t last long. garden 132

Johnson’s Blue geranium

garden 133


More self seeds!  The foxgloves have made a welcome return to the garden after a year or two’s absence.

garden 134

Thsi is one of those huge alliums, a big globe head of starry flowers.

garden 141


This is a pot of osteospurnum, in a lovely dark coral pink colour, which fade as they age.

garden 145 garden 144


Helen said...

Stunning photos!!

Beth said...

Stunning picture of the flowers, will definitely make my day. Keep posting.

Burnice said...

oooh fab Linda. You can come and plant some of those in my garden when you come over. It will still be light!!!!!!
Burnice x

Lesley said...

Lesley x

Sue said...

Beautiful photos Linda, you are a great photographer!