Friday, 19 March 2010

Thursday 18th March

Continuing the theme of things I love, here’s my dolls house.  Dad made it for DD Lucy when she was about 3 (he made 2 more for my brother’s 2 DDs too!)  Since Lucy was about 11 we have furnished it in a more ‘grown-up’ way.

craft 110

It’s been several different colours over the years but is blue and green at the moment!  It has an ‘extension’, to the right of the front door and a ‘basement’!

The best thing in it is this chest of drawers that Dad made:

craft 111

and he painted this miniature ‘Laughing Cavalier’ for me!

craft 114

It only measures a couple of inches!  Fab!!

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Jane said...

That dolls house is just gorgeous! A real work of art!! My Sister had a lovely dolls house very similar but I think it has been left untouched in my parents attic! My Uncle made it.

I remember going to see Queen Marys dolls house at Windsor Castle - isn't it stunning? Wonderful!!