Friday, 19 March 2010

March 17th

craft 120

My Scrap Weekly page for this week.  These pics were taken in 1989!  That’s Nicholas when he was about 8 month old with my 2 grandmothers, who are sadly not alive any longer.  I love these photos!  Nicholas was on fabulous form, and all smiley and lovely with them!  On the left is Elizabeth Vanstone (little Nanny) who is Mum’s mother, and on the right is Alice Fumagalli (big nanny) who is Dad’s mother.  Both were very formidable women in their own ways – big Nanny had a big personality to match her size!  It was very sad when she had a massive stroke which left her without speech.  Little Nanny nursed her sick husband for years, without complaining.

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Photographing Mom said...

Very pretty page. Purple is my second favourite colour. :)